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Services provided by Kathy Meyer, RN, CFCN

Trim Toenails
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Senior Building

Assisted Living Facilities
Private Home
Hand Care and Nail Treatment

Nail Polish
Compassionate Health Care... at your Feet.
Certified Foot Care Nurse - Licensed and Insured
For an Appointment call Kathy at 651-470-9979
Treat Toenail Fungus
Foot Massage
Thinning/Debridement of:
Thick Overgrown Nails
     Footopia recognizes and participates in fulfilling the growing need to provide expert foot and toenail care to our aging and medically diverse population. Footopia visits are provided in the comfort of your home by an experienced home health registered nurse certified in foot and toenail care. Each visit includes current health history, foot bath, toenail trimming and treatments, followed by foot and leg massage.
Serving the Twin Cities Area
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